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“Goffs Online” Introduces New Sales Facility for Horses-in-Training

Goffs are pleased to announce “Goffs Online”, a new online only sales facility that will hold its first sale for Horses-In-Training immediately following the Doncaster Summer Sale.

The Summer Sale, which for 2020 replaces the Spring Store, Spring HIT/P2P and August Sales, will be held on 28 – 30 July at Doncaster and the first Goffs Online Sale will be held later the same week with dates and times to be released in the coming weeks.

Goffs Online Sales will be timed auctions held over a 48-hour period. Contact details for every horse will be listed for each lot so prospective buyers can inspect horses prior to the auction and all horses will be sold with veterinary certificates to ensure transparency and confidence in the medium.

Entries for the first Goffs Online Sale will be coordinated by Goffs UK following the Goffs/Arqana 2020 Breeze-Up Sale and published online only in advance of the Doncaster Summer Sale.

Goffs Group Chief Executive Henry Beeby commented:

“Goffs Online is an exciting new initiative for Goffs and is something we have been exploring for some time. Online sales are proving a big addition in our industry around the world and the new realities surrounding COVID-19 has meant there is now greater demand for this service in the UK and Ireland.

“Goffs Online will be a timed online auction platform that will function much like our live online bidding service which will be used at the upcoming Goffs/Arqana 2020 Breeze-Up Sale, Goffs UK Summer Sale and Goffs Land Rover Sale in the first instance, so many buyers will be familiar with its look and feel when it makes its debut.

“In recent weeks we have carried out a number of trials to ensure Goffs Online is user friendly to even the most non IT-literate client and we will continue to fine tune it over time. More details on the sale regarding entries, its workings and bidding online will be released early next month following the Goffs/Arqana 2020 Breeze-Up Sale. Given this is a totally new outlet for selling horses, we encourage our vendors and buyers to contact the Goffs teams in the UK and Ireland if they would like to know more.”