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Goffs Two Million Series For Orby Sale

Europe’s Richest Two-Year-Old Race, the Goffs Million, will evolve into the GOFFS TWO MILLION SERIES at this year’s Orby Sale.

The format of Goffs yearling sales will undergo a revamp this autumn with the Orby and Sportsman’s Sales being rebranded as Orby Book 1 and Orby Book 2 over the four days from 26th to 29th September and cataloguing around 1,000 yearlings across the two Books.

The new GOFFS TWO MILLION SERIES in 2024 will be open to all yearlings catalogued in 2023 Goffs Orby Book 1 and Book 2 and will incorporate:

  • The Goffs Million over 7 furlongs at The Curragh on the Saturday before the 2024 sale. With a guaranteed minimum prize fund of €1 Million it will again be Europe’s Richest Two-Year-Old race and offer prize money to 10th place
  • The Goffs 500 over 6 furlongs at The Curragh on the Saturday before the 2024 sale. With a guaranteed minimum prize fund of €500,000 and prize money to 10th place, it will be staged on the same day as The Goffs Million ensuring that at least €1.5 Million is open to Orby graduates on the eve of the 2024 Orby Sale
  • The Goffs €50,000 Bonus Series which will see €50,000 Goffs Bonuses awarded to the winners of a series of 2YO Maidens run throughout the 2024 season at a cross section of Irish racecourses when that winner is a qualified Orby graduate. A program of diverse 2YO Maidens carrying the unique Goffs €50,000 Bonus will be published with a total of €500,000 distributed to 10 winning connections between the start of the season and Million Day at The Curragh

In total the GOFFS TWO MILLION SERIES will see Goffs provide a minimum of €2,000,000 prize money to graduates of the 2023 Goffs Orby Book 1 and Book 2 Sales before the 2024 renewal of the sale so making the Irish National Yearling Sales unmissable for buyers in Ireland, from the UK and overseas.

Commenting on the announcement, Goffs Group Chief Executive, Henry Beeby said:

“The new Goffs Two Million Series takes the Million concept to a new level and seeks to make the Irish National Yearling Sale unmissable for both Irish breeders and international buyers. The primary issue facing British and Irish racing is prize money and this initiative confronts it head on as we evolve the idea and provide a huge pay day where the focus is on the owners and trainers that invest in Orby yearlings as well as spreading the rewards throughout the season and across the country.

“Orby Book 1 and Book 2 are designed to represent the best of Irish yearlings at all levels of the market and our call to Irish breeders is to support the Irish National Yearling Sale with your best as Goffs will deliver and exceed your expectations. Goffs will continue to invest in our global buyer attraction campaign that saw so many buyers at Kildare Paddocks last year and the only complaint was that they wanted more top tier yearlings as they have the orders and don’t go elsewhere. This latest attraction will only drive more buyers to Orby to buy as their first choice”.

Brian Kavanagh, Chief Executive at The Curragh added:

“Goffs are a long and highly valued partner here at the Curragh and are a pleasure to work with. They are always innovating, and the new GOFFS TWO MILLION SERIES is a perfect example of this approach. It will provide a major incentive to owners who purchase yearlings at the Irish National Yearling Sale and create an enhanced race day experience at the Curragh the weekend before their sale. There was great excitement when Galeron took the first Million race here last September and the addition of the second race and the two-year-old bonus series will bring this incentive to a higher level. Goffs also sponsor the Group 1 Vincent O’Brien National Stakes on Irish Champions Weekend and their graduates regularly win our best races here at the Curragh. We greatly look forward to working with them on this new venture - the GOFFS TWO MILLION SERIES”.

The 2023 Goffs Million over seven furlongs The Curragh on Saturday 23rd September is open to qualified graduates of the 2022 Orby Sale and will have a guaranteed minimum value of €1,000,000, so making it Europe’s Richest Two-Year-Old race once again.

Nominations are now open for Goffs Orby Book 1 and Orby Book 2.  Increased support from Irish breeders at last year’s Orby Sale combined with a huge global audience of buyers at Kildare Paddocks returned major increases in average, median and clearance rate from a larger catalogue and a world’s highest top price.  The Sportsman’s Sale, to be rebranded Orby Book 2, also enjoyed record trade that was headed by the top priced yearling ever sold in Ireland outside of the Orby Sale.  

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